Wet Mixes

Wet mix products have high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage and good strength. They resist abrasion and erosion and have excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack.

Rigidiser: Rigidiser is an organic liquid compound which is used as a surface treating agent to increase hardness and erosion resistance. Rigidiser will improve flame erosion resistance and reduce permeability to gases. Rated to 870°C.

Moldable: This ceramic fibre moldable mix is characterised by excellent wet adhesion to steel refractories and other ceramic fibre materials. Moldable is a sticky, putty-like, ready-to-use product with almost zero drying shrinkage. Rated to 1260°C.

Topcoat: Topcoat is a mixture of high temperature mullite refractory reinforced with Fibremax fibres designed as a coating for ceramic fibre. This provides additional resistance to slag, alkali attack and velocity attack when applied over ceramic fibre.

QF Coating Cement:These coating cements are applied to the surface of ceramic fibre blankets and papers to increase their strength and resistance to hot gas erosion. They are also used as high temperature adhesives for ceramic fibre products. Supplied in paste and paint consistencies, these coating cements can be trowelled, brushed or sprayed. Rated to 1260°C.

Pumpable XJ: When this pumpable mastic is subjected to temperatures above 250°C, it becomes a flexible resilient insulation with a semi rigid outer crust. Rated to 1260°C.

Fyre Putty: Fyre Putty is a fibre-based fire stop material which is easy to install and is thermal shock resistant. Fyre Putty provides an effective barrier for smoke, moisture and gas as well as fire and heat. Rated to 1260°C.

Wet Pac: Made from high strength ceramic fibre blanket and inorganic bonding agents, resulting in a flexible moist insulation that dries to a hard rigid structure. WetPac is deal for insulation of complex shapes and for service under hot gas velocities. Rated to 1260°C.

Variform: is a casting material that is applied to areas such as furnace access-doors, tube sheets and behind refractories in aluminium transfer ladles, ladle covers and launders.