We can supply a full range of Clay Graphite and Silicon Carbide Crucibles which are now used extensively in the Gold Mining and Foundry industries. We continue to receive excellent results regarding lifespan and can guarantee superior quality and reliable supply. Foundry Crucibles are used for bronze, steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper based alloys or in the Mining Industry for molten gold.

New bonding agents and modern manufacturing technology together with the rigorous applications of Quality Assurance procedures insure a crucible of the highest quality with a performance to match the most demanding requirements.

We manufacture a unique product – RTZ Washcoat – used extensively to extend crucible life, protect refractory from chemical erosion and acts as a releasing agent on gold moulds.

RTZ is also used on ceramic fibre to contain airborne particles, and as a heat reflector thus making the heating process more efficient and safer.

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