Welding Blankets

Welding Blankets

We manufacture a comprehensive range of welding blankets using high quality textaglass fabrics. In general, our fabrics are ideal for applications to 550oC, while special treatments allow the product to resist molten splash to 1000oC on a continuous basis and even higher temperatures for shorter periods.

Our welding blankets are available in many finishes to suit all applications. Standard, readily available finishes include:


The standard loomstate finish is a soft, flexible cloth. If features excellent draping qualities and is ideal for industrial protective curtains and blankets.


This finish is achieved by subjecting the fabric to a closely controlled heating process, which purifies and bonds the fabric into a more stable material. This finish offers considerably reduced dust and loose fibres.


T1000 has been treated with a formulation, which improves the fabric’s ability to handle sudden exposures to high temperatures eg. molten splash, torch flame etc. In addition to offering burn through protection at elevated temperatures, T1000 also offers increased insulating properties.