Anchoring Systems

Hardware and Anchors

These have been developed to provide maximum, long term lining retention for an assortment of fiberwall lining systems including layered blanket and board. The most widely used metal anchor is the Insultwist Stud and Washer. The stud is a rectangular cross-section bar with notches in the sides which bring the cross-section back to square. The retaining clip is a washer with a rectangular slot in the centre and fits over the stud. Parallel to the slot, two sides of the washer have been flanged 90 degrees to facilitate placement.

For furnaces operating at temperatures above the maximum recommended use temperature of alloy studs the Cuplock Anchor is used in conjunction with the Insultwist Stud. The ceramic Cuplock replaces the metal washer.


These are prefabricated modular units comprising of a single roll of needled blanket, folded to a specified thickness and compression. Installation is simple, fast and efficient, with a high degree of reliability and integrity.